Aaltonen Åkeri has its roots in the early 60´s when Jims dad started his transport company, in its present form it started in 1980. When Jim started he just had one truck and from that point his company steadily grown until today’s 11 special trucks in the colors of Aaltonen. First crane truck was bought in 1986, equipped with for that time large crane of 19 t/m, later he added with the first truck with jib of 29 t/m in 1989, and from that time trucks has just get more sophisticated and have more special equipment.

Progress in our field as the rest of all industry have been stunning, today’s trucks and equipment would just been dreams in the 80´s.



2013-01-16 Another year and new challenge!

Just after New Year Aaltonen Special got this order, to transport Delta Powerboats 54 from theire yard in Estionia to …

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